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Smart Exeter Office

Exeter office has been going from strength to strength since moving to the high street in 2016. The fixed fee concept has proved to be very popular throughout Exeter and surrounding suburbs this has been saving vendor’s thousands. With a strong team our vision is to change the traditional way of doing estate agency.

  • Doug Scott
  • Adam Pike
  • Rob Graves
  • Natalie Bright
  • Lisa Williams
  • Steven Tapper
  • Jess Martin

Smart Exmouth

Following a successful few years in Exeter Smart Estate Agents decided to set up their second branch in Exmouth in September 2017. Director Olivia Tostevin covers Exmouth and the surrounding areas. Olivia previously worked for an extremely well regarded agent in Exeter and had a successful career there but was incredibly excited to head up Smarts new venture in Exmouth.

  • Olivia Tostevin
  • Adam Pike
  • Doug Scott
  • Rob Graves

Smart Torquay

Adam has joined the SMART team after successfully working in residential property across Torbay for the last 10 years, most recently running an inventory and property service business to Landlords and high street agents alike. Following on from the SMART success story in Exeter and Exmouth, Adam has taken the opportunity to reciprocate our success in Torbay widening our already proven business model.

  • Adam Reed
  • Rob Graves
  • Doug Scott
  • Adam Pike

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